London Mayor in Favour of Post-Study Work Visa for International Students

Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor has extended a demand for a 2-year Post-study work visa from the UK government for international students. He also sought the removal of the present thresholds on visas for professionals of non-EU nations. He was suggesting these reforms to promote a better UK economy after the Bre...

Posted on :12-10-2017

Brexit in No Way Helps the Workers of British

There is a belief that the real winners of migration system after Brexit happens will be employers and not the British workers.   History has proved that the strength of the Workers becomes a force, only through united and combined action. When marginalized and exploited workers raise their voice and stand...

Posted on :25-09-2017

72 Indian Milliionaries Received Tier 1 Investor Visa in the Last 9 Years

The figures provided by the UK Home Office confirm the fact that 72 Indian millionaires had migrated to the UK, availing the benefits of Tier 1 Investor visa since 2008. This reveals that migrants have contributed in a significant manner to the economy and can be seen as another sign of the positive developments taken by the business commun...

Posted on :15-09-2017

The Citizens of EU Still can Visit UK Visa-Free, After the Brexit

As per the recent reports, the citizens of European Union still are eligible to visit the UK without a visa even after the Brexit. Whitehall sources confirmed the visa-free entry for EU citizens that was included in the plans for an immigration system in the post-Brexit UK. August 17 reports also stated that the immigrat...

Posted on :21-08-2017

Demand For UK Visas Surges In Technology Sector Post BREXIT

The UK tech Visa demand soar with the requirement for computer language coders increased to four times following the past 12 months surge in the technology sector. This is a consequence of the aftermath of BREXIT which had also proposed one of its agenda ‘Immigration’ to be sort under the Theresa May government tenure. ...

Posted on :29-05-2017

Around 2,48,000 Expats Wiped Out From UK in 2016

A fall of 84,000 Immigrants from UK have been reported as current statistics for the year 2016.The year 2015 had nearly 338,000 immigration from different countries. The Home Secretary Amber Rudd said,”It's good that the overall figure has come down now by nearly a quarter in a year. We're determined to make sure that we do...

Posted on :25-05-2017

Study: Britain Requires More Immigrants To keep Its Service Industries Functional

As per a research conducted by the ‘Office for National Statistics’, the European Immigrants account for approximately 10 percent of the workforce in certain sectors in the UK’s economy. This research was conducted with an aim to focus on the severity of imposing restrictions on the immigration after the Britain Exit which h...

Posted on :13-04-2017

The UK Makes It Tougher And Costlier To Obtain Tier 2 Visas

The Home Office, United Kingdom had announced major changes in the visa fees last year. The tougher and more expensive visa rules were implemented from 6th April 2017. The reformed visa fee will be affecting the Indians along with nationals visiting the UK from outside European Union (EU) nations. As per an official statement relea...

Posted on :06-04-2017

Impact Of Brexit: Signs That Number Of EU Workers Travelling To The UK Are in Decline

In a signal that the impact of the Brexit vote for the UK to leave the European Union is impacting the inflow of foreign workers to the UK a new report has shown that numbers may have peaked.  Article 50, the official process for the UK to leave the European Union, is due to be implemented by the end of…

Posted on :23-03-2017

Britain Moves One Step Closer To EU Exit

Prime Minister Theresa May, has been given the green light by UK parliament to move Brexit negotiations to the next level. Alongside these announcements, Nicola Sturgeon has requested another referendum for Scotland, suggesting that Scotland is being forced to leave the EU, without any real say in the matter. England and Scotland h...

Posted on :14-03-2017

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