UK : post-Study Visa Permits International Students to Work for More Time


Indian and other global students to the U.K. to receive further time to work after finishing their graduation or post-graduation, below changes published by the government of U.K. It is part of the reforms declared to Britain’s education plan for international students. New Reforms to Post-study Work Visa The r...

Posted on :18-03-2019

Good News for Highly Skilled Indian Workers Planning to Migrate to UK


A large number of incredibly skilled Indian workers can migrate to the UK below current proposals that would come into force in the year 2021, with an Sr. British minister on 16th Jan, 2019 stating that in the current system the nation will be open to the greatest and brig...

Posted on :18-01-2019

Recent Statistics 7% Increase in the UK Tier2 Visas Issued in 2018


As per the official figures, the number of UK work visas announced in the 2018 year was the biggest since 2009. There has been a rise in demand from companies with a Sponsor Licence of Tier 2. This has been largely connected to a 7% incr...

Posted on :09-01-2019

UK Reopens Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Route for Architects


The UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa is a visa path for global migrants. Qualified migrants must showcase that they are either previously renowned in their work field or that they are ‘up and coming.’ Current Update in Tier 1 Exceptional Visa...

Posted on :04-01-2019

UK Tier 2 Visa 2119 Certificates of Sponsorship Available for January 2019


The recent Tier 2 visa allocation in the meeting oflimited certificates of sponsorship, the Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) number open for Jan 2019 stands at 2,119, as per the UK Immigration and Visas data. The department announced its Dec report, citing that its figures were accurate as of 19 Dec 2018. ...

Posted on :24-12-2018

New Reforms in the UK Immigration for 2019


Innovator Immigration Path will Substitute Tier 1 Entrepreneur The current Innovator immigration program will substitute the program of Tier 1 Entrepreneur. This immigration program will be open to more qualified business people. The...

Posted on :14-12-2018

UK Home Secretary Announced New Start - Up Visa Route


Great News for Entrepreneurs   The Home Secretary has announced people who aspire to begin a business in the UK now able to apply for a current “start-up” visa.   The current route declared while London Tech Week, will broaden the talented entre...

Posted on :18-06-2018

UK Tier 2 Visa - Demand for Migrant Engineering Professioanls in the UK


Shortage of Skilled Professionals in UK There is a growing skills shortage in the engineering sector across the UK. As per an article published by The Engineer there is a need of non-EU, migrant engineers to prefer to reach the UK on Tier 2 visas. ...

Posted on :30-05-2018

UK Think Tank Pushes for Cheaper Visa for Indians


LONDON: A leading UK-based think tank has released a research to support its call for a new, more economical visa regime to attract Indian visitors to the country.  The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) revealed that the UK was losing out as neighboring France attracted 185,000 more Indian business visitors and tourists in...

Posted on :14-03-2018

Tier 2 Visa Made Easier from Tier 4 Visa in the UK after a Rule Change


In the UK, new visa rules, have been put into effect, which makes it easy for a Tier 4, student visa holder, to change over to a Tier 2 General visa. These changes, from January 11th, 2018, permit them to apply for a change over to a ...

Posted on :24-02-2018

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